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superyacht takeoff - neo.png

VRCO has a vision for a flying car with a new form of personal aircraft as the initial phase.


It is a showcase for British innovation with advanced lightweight composites enhanced with graphene nanomaterials.

The vertical take-off and landing craft will be capable of carrying 180 kgs or two people.


It features detection and avoidance technology with safety measures including a ballistic parachute and low altitude crash prevention systems.

Working with leading innovators and key industry partners at the forefront of the UK’s power storage systems, the craft will be fast-charging and have enhanced range.


Every detail of the AER 557 is the result of innovative UK design and perfectionist German engineering.

This is a scooter built for serious travel and optimum performance.

Choose a foldable model and your AER 557's innovative hinge system enables it to fold in half. At just 23 kg it's small and light enough to store conveniently and transport easily.

20-inch wheels with high performance Schwalbe tyres glide over every bump.

Wide anti-slip bamboo deck. Stand tall and find your safest, most comfortable riding position.

Intelligent drive system featuring GPS and built-in immobiliser.

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