Support & Report

We are your representative to UK yacht and boat manufacturers


What areas of your business can we support?

  1. client looking to buy boats or yachts

  2. client wants to see their boat or yacht  in construction

  3. client wanting to finalise and talk through detailed specifications for their boat or yacht

  4. boats or yachts being purchased for stock by dealers (visual audits)


How does it work?

The main boat manufacturers in the UK are Fairline, Princess and Sunseeker. Having previously worked with all three we are familiar with their manufacturing sites, build process and options.

We have worked in the Marine industry for nearly 20 years, dedicating over a decade to supporting dealers and their clients globally. We understand how important a professional and polite manner is when representing and dealing with these brands and clients.


With many dealers of these great British products being based so far away we will compliment the dealers business by being your European representative. 


We all know that our customers expect and deserve the best service as this encourages repeat business. An average boat ownership/ upgrade cycle can be quite short, so fostering and maintaining a positive dealer/client relationship is key. 


The service that we offer helps to maintain the customer service you and your business have worked so hard to build up and maintain. 


We have various ways to cover what you need and help support you. 

Email us here for the full details.