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Why Dynamiq Yachts do what they do.....

Aluminium construction benefits and how we here at Dynamiq Yachts do it.

One question we get is WHY? Why aluminium? Why is it so good? Why are yours one of the best?

So we thought we would answer some of these questions to help distinguish us and to reassure any concerns you might have.

Certified marine-grade 5083 aluminium and stronger 5383 Sealium, a lightweight alloy that weighs three times less than steel, is used for all Dynamiq hulls and superstructures. Unlike composite materials, aluminium is fully recyclable, odourless, does not rust or creak at sea and does not burn in the atmosphere. This helps with key points which are SO important in our current circumstance of sustainability and effects on our environment. Obviously, from a user view the construction being odourless and does not creak this helps make your time onboard one of real relaxation and enjoyment. Another benefit is that aluminium guarantees a stiff, robust and vibration-free vessel that is very comfortable and behaves well in a heavy swell or choppy seas.

A lighter hull provides a better performance, shallower draft, lower fuel consumption, and less capital outlay for engine and propulsion systems. This essentially means that with thoughtful use we produce yachts with transatlantic capabilities.

Due to Aluminium being flexible to work with, it means we can use power tools to cut and dress with a router, ensuring that its quicker to fabricate and weld. This in turn means a saving in costs and labour. Our pricing is fair and transparent, we do not wish to hide where we are in the pricing ‘pecking’ order, what we want to do, is open up your mind that sometimes you can get better than what you pay for….

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